York Area Sports Night Hall of Fame

The York Sports Night Hall of Fame is now displayed on the walls of the Skybox level at Peoples Bank Stadium in downtown York.

hall of fame

The York Area Sports Hall of Fame consists of outstanding athletes, coaches, and other individuals who have achieved clear levels of excellence over an extended period of time and made significant contributions to the betterment of the York community.

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Previous inductees into the York Area Sports Hall of Fame are:

1973 – Ken Raffensburger, John DeBarbadillo, Bob Hoffman, C.C. “Doc” Bleeker and Lawrence Sheppard.
1974 – Lefty George and Linda Myers
1975 – Fred “Dutch” Dorman and Bob Hulton
1976 – Henry “Hinkey” Haines and Samuel Shipley (Founder of York Sports Night)
1977 – John Terpak, Paul Stevens and Don Cockley
1978 – John Grimek and Edmund “Wally” Waleski
1979 – Harry R. Little
1980 – Haps Benfer, Cliff Heathcote, Ted Resser and John Weimer
1981 – Tom Keesey, C.C. Richards, Connie Hirschman Shorb and Vic Wertz
1982 – William “Johnny” Gill, Charles “Charlie” Spangler and J. Whitmer Bush
1983 – Alphonse “Tommy” Thomas
1984 – William “Bill” Billet, Jim Tarman and Richard Smith
1985 – Sonia Wise Dessen
1986 – Jack Jaquet
1987 – Jules Bacon
1988 – Scott Fitzkee and William E. Schmidt
1989 – Harold “Butch” Wynegar
1990 – Bill Bence, Woody Bennett and Harry McLaughlin
1991 – Mary Jane Snyder
1992 – Loretta Claiborne, Don Kauffman, Ed Khayat and Dr. Robert F. Spangler
1993 – Charlie Strack, Suzy Buckovich and Robert Sohl
1994 – George Powell, Ray S. Shearer Jr., and Ron Wolf
1995 – Gene Crumling and John Toggas
1996 – Ron Warner and Scott Strausbaugh
1997 – John Grove and Paul Snyder
1998 – Sanford “Sandy” Kranich
1999 – Ron Fitzkee, Greg Gross, Earl Shaffer and George Trout
2000 – Ellsworth Kissinger, Bill Brenner, Dick Guyer and Joe Hasenfuss
2001 – Terry Bupp and Clay Shaw
2002 – Bruce & Barb Koller and Dick Van O’Linda
2003 – Gary Gault, Marlyn “Curly” Holtzapple and Gary Sutton
2004 – Daniel Jesse Mays, George Tarasovic, Gene Clines, George Shue and Jeannie Fry
2005 – Duke Edsall, Randy Edsall, Andrea Spangler-Kopp, Charles Jacobs, Craig Diehl, Frank Pius Nauss, and Mike Keesey
2006 – Jeri Myers, Col. Matt Brown, Philip E. Itzoe, Jeff Gamber, Donna McLain Vitacco, and Chris Doleman
2007 – Jan Bortner, Dr. Gil Rothrock, and Bruce Arians
2008 – Gregory Cauller, Jack Connor, Tom Kessler, Jim May, and Harry Smeltz, Jr.
2009 – Brad Senft, Jim Rife, and Sue Corcoran Bupp Ilyes
2010 – Tony Abel, Albert “Buck” Elliot Sr., John Eyster, and Gerald “Jerry” Karl
2011 – Herb Schmidt, Jay Miller, Gary Markle, and Jenni Goodling
2012 – Brad Livingston, Keith Wentz
2013 -Suzanne H. Sutton, William “Bill” Krouse, Malcolm “Beese” Wendt
2014 – Brad Lloyd, Jim Kohr, and John Sprenkle
2015 – Scott Frey and Jane Herrman
2016– Dave Gable, Richard Howley, Kevin Stover
2017– Julio Alvarez, Parrish Petry, Don Smith
2018– Sherm Keeney
2019- William Sherdel